Endpoint Security

Antivirus, UTM, Anti Malware, Endpoint Threat Protection, Ransomware Protection, Endpoint Detection & Response

Database & Application Security

Web Application Firewall (WAF), Privileged Access Management (PAM), Web Application Scanning, Enterprise Database Security

Data & Network Security

Firewall, Penetration Testing, Secure Web & Email Gateway, IPS, 2 Factor Authentication, Web Filtering

Information Security Solutions

Information Security Solutions

Since the advent of the digital age, cyber threats have also started growing exponentially. The growth is not merely in the number of threats, but also in the complexity of these threats. This increases your cyber security risk. Also, now the government advises organizations to take necessary steps to protect their organizational data through various directives specific to industry verticals and also obligates the organisation to report security breaches within a set time limit. We provide security solutions using cutting-edge technologies that safeguard the security of many big enterprises.

We provide custom solutions based on our clients’ specific security needs. All our propositions are designed to protect networks, endpoint devices, business applications and data from attacks or unauthorized access attempts. Our comprehensive framework of security solutions give customers the ability to add security measures everywhere, including the core architecture, the network, the edge and the endpoint, while staying ahead of threats and providing faster recovery.

We can help you cover your entire infrastructure with the best security products and solutions. With advanced threat intelligence and an industry-leading zero trust approach, we can help you attain effective security to protect your organization from ever-growing Cyber Security threats.

The expertise to build the right security strategy for your business in the following critical areas.

  • Network Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Email Security
  • Data Security
  • Database Security
  • Application Security
  • People Security
  • Backup Solutions – Backup and Archiving Solutions (Email, Database, Application, Web, File, AD, Virtualization)
  • Application High Availability – Data Replication and Availability (Oracle SQL, Business Applications)
  • Disaster Recovery – Data Recovery, Instant Recovery, Site Failover

Business data is an integral part of any organization in this digital age. And providing other applications access to these data is critical to run the business. Modern business owners and entrepreneurs know the importance of keeping data safe.

As the importance and value of data grows, being always ready to protect and recover that data is more vital than ever. Whether you’re impacted by a natural disaster, hardware failure, human error, data breach or ransomware attack, your data is under constant threat.

Aligned with the best in industry products and experts, we can provide a complete solution to protect your data and business applications end-to-end.

  • Flexibility for recovering data, applications and virtual machines from any platform.
  • Effective recovery point and time objectives (RPOs/RTOs) easily aligned with SLAs.
  • Protect data against latest threats.
  • Fastest Recovery through secure, single and scalable solutions.